When you’re designing a data center, deciding which racks to deploy and how to configure them should be at the top of your list. The surface details may steal the spotlight, but it’s the quality of the underlying foundation that makes the difference between success and frustration.

  • Racks organize IT equipment, such as servers and network switches, into standardized assemblies that make efficient use of space and other resources.

  • Depending on the options you choose, they can also improve power protection, cooling, cable management, device management, physical security, mobility, ease of installation and protection.

  • Choosing the right racks and configuring them to match your needs will ensure that your IT equipment operates reliably and efficiently, saving your organization from costly downtime and other needless expense.

Urb Electric is a licensed electrical contracting company specializing in Electrical Installations for Data Centers and Commercial Buildings, as well as Preventative Maintenance Packages for all size businesses.

Security Cameras are one of the first noticeable features of security prior to entering your facility, giving future clients a good first impression. Providing maximum security and peace of mind to both you and your clients, most security cameras today are equipped with remote access, allowing you to control and access live or recorded footage from anywhere in the world, see what’s taking place at your business while your away.

Secuirty Cameras

We install custom built cages to meet any cage size requirements, helping to keep your clients assets safe and secure.

  • Woven wire mesh partitions are one of the most versatile products available for providing security, safety, protection and access control.

  • Woven design allows for maximum impact resistance.

  • Heavy duty 10 gauge woven wire construction protects your valuable assets and inventory. Keyed mortise type locks are standard.

  • Open wall design provides visual security, while utilizing existing lighting, sprinklers, and HVAC.

Secure Custom Cages

Today’s data centers demand an increased level of physical security to comply with strict data protection regulations. Protecting assets within the data center is a crucial aspect of the overall security system, from perimeter security down to the rack level. Helping to provide physical access control, while providing a complete comprehensive physical security system.

Secure Cabinets
Biometric Scanner
HID Proximity Reader
Server Racks

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Designed to enhance the security, convenience and aesthetics of any Data Center, HID smart card technology is the global technology of choice for accuracy, compatibility, technological innovation and responsiveness. HID secure contactless and contact cards and readers are used in a limitless variety of applications: facility access control, computer network data security, employee time and attendance and many more.

With today's advanced security breaches Data Centers around the globe are facing an evolving identity management challenge. Security minded leaders are turning to Biometrics based identity solutions to help solve thier critical identity challenges.

  • Discover how effective hosted access control can help you develop the security your clients are looking for in a controlled Data Center enviornment.

  • Using web access to make personnel access authorization in real time.

  • Giving you the ability to remotely manage security.


A key Part of today's Data Center buisness sales are the security and infrastructure of your daily buisness operations. Having a secure Data Center is not only necessary but is an impressive selling point that will speak volumes for itself. Let us help you secure your investment and impress your future clients.

Data Center Security Options


  • Biometric Scanner
  • HID Proximity reader
  • Security Cameras
  • Secure Custom Cages
  • Secure Cabinets
  • Server Racks