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Security Installations:

  • Biometric Scanner
  • HID Proximity reader
  • Security Cameras
  • Security Lights
  • Secure Custom Cages


Access Control

Biometric Scanner

Security Installations

Urb Electric is a licensed electrical contracting company specializing in Electrical Installations for Data Centers and Commercial Buildings, as well as Preventative Maintenance Packages for all size businesses.




Security Lighting

Security Camera

Secure Custom Cages

With today's advanced security breaches companies both big and small face smiliar identity management challenges. Let us help you secure your business and help keep you and your employees safe from unwanted intrusion.


  • Discover how effective access control can help you develop the security your clients and employees are looking for.
  • Using web access to make personnel access authorization in real time.
  • Giving you the flexibility to remotely manage security.


Designed to enhance the security, convience and aesthetics of any buisness, smart card technology is the global technology of choice for accuracy, compatibility, and responsiveness.

  • Secure contactless and contact cards and readers are used in a limitless variety of applications.

  • Can be used for business access control, or employee time and attendance.


Security Cameras are one of the first noticeable features of security prior to entering your facility, helping to provide maximum security and peace of mind to both you and your clients.

  • Most security cameras today are equipped with remote access, allowing you to control and access live or recorded footage from anywhere in the world.
  • See what’s taking place at your business while your away.

We install custom built cages to meet any cage size requirements, helping to keep your inventory and clients assets, safe and secure.

  • Woven wire mesh partitions are one of the most versatile products available for providing security, safety, protection and access control.

  • Woven design allows for maximum impact resistance.

  • Heavy duty 10 gauge woven wire construction protects your valuable assets and inventory. Keyed mortise type locks are standard.

  • Open wall design provides visual security, while utilizing existing lighting, sprinklers, and HVAC.

Security lighting drastically lowers the chance of a break in or theft of outside property it also, in the case of theft or trespassing, gives a much better chance at being able to identify the perpetrator or catching them on camera. It also brings a sense of safety and security to the surrounding area and the people and employees who frequent the business. Customers who shop at night are also much more likely to shop at a business who has taken the time and care to set up security lights to brighten up their area rather than a dimly lit, shady looking store. As you can see the benefit of security lighting for businesses is not only for the safety of the business's property but also the people who use it.

  • Provide clear visibility of areas from a distance to see anyone moving in or around the area

  • Remove potential hiding places around routes that are traveled by pedestrians

  • Provide facial recognition at a distance of about 30 feet

  • Assist the use of other safety devices such as cameras in the area

  • Deter crime against property and people

  • Lights are always a good deterrent.

  • Nothing is worth more than the peace of mind and sense of safety.