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Lighting Installations:

  • Fluorescent Lighting / LED replacement kit
  • Accent Lighting
  • Reccesed Lighting
  • Security Lights
  • Occupancy Sensors


  • LED replacement for T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes provide brighter light output, use less power, and run for significantly longer than the fluorescent lights they replace, and you can use them in your exisiting lighting fixtures. These LED T8 bulbs eliminate the need for a ballast, you'll experience none buzzing or flickering thats common with fluorescent lights. LED fluorescent retrofits come on instantly.

  • Fluorescent retrofit LED tubes are engineered for commercial applications where lights receive extended daily use. Average operational life is 50,000 hours, or nearly six years when run 24/7. Operating life is not diminished by on/off cycling.


  • You will be able to enhance the beauty of your office with indoor accent lighting as well as provide a great outdoor atmosphere with LED accent lights designed specifically to enhance the features of your business.

  • Place indoor accent lighting low on walls to highlight a hallway, up high to light a wall hanging to create an elegant atmosphere in the confrence room or office.

  • LED accent lights on the underside of cabinets add illumination to the breakroom, or added behind TV monitors to enhance the visual appeal for both clients and employees.

  • An added benefit of LEDs, of course, is that they do not put out much heat. So, when it comes to low-temperature accent lighting, LED lights work well.

Commercial Lighting Installations

Urb Electric is a licensed electrical contracting company specializing in Electrical Installations for Data Centers and Commercial Buildings, as well as Preventative Maintenance Packages for all size businesses.




  • Accent: With recessed lighting, you can create a soft glow coming out from the sides of the object, recessed lights are easily hidden from plain sight and do not draw unwanted attention to themselves.
  • Space: One of the best things about recessed lighting is that it creates the illusion of more space. s. For example, recessed ceiling lighting fixtures give the sense of a higher ceiling, while recessed lighting in corners makes the room appear more open.
  • Aesthetics: Recessed lighting is very versatile in terms of what can be done with the lights themselves. Recessed lights can be adjusted to provide either pleasant ambient lighting or accent or spot lighting as circumstances require. Also, they can be used for virtually any indoor/outdoor lighting application and come in a variety of shapes, colors and finishes.
  • Versatile & Efficient: The placement of recessed lights allows you to see what you’re doing more clearly. Recessed lights also provide dimming effects that are easy to control.

Occupancy Sensor

  • An occupancy sensor is a lighting device that detects occupancy of a space by people and turns the lights and/or Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system on or off automatically, using infrared, ultrasonic, microwave, or other technology. Occupancy sensors are typically used to save energy, provide automatic control, and comply with building codes.

  • If no motion is detected, it is assumed that the space is empty, and thus does not need to be lit. Turning off the lights in such circumstances can save substantial amounts of energy.

  • Wall Switch Occupancy Sensors have LED nightlights to provide occupancy detection with a guide light/nightlight. Nightlight automatically illuminates based on ambient light levels to provide appropriate guidance for occupants.

Fluorescent Lighting LED replacement kit

Accent Lighting

Recessed Lighting

Security Lighting

Security lighting drastically lowers the chance of a break in or theft of outside property it also, in the case of theft or trespassing, gives a much better chance at being able to identify the perpetrator or catching them on camera. It also brings a sense of safety and security to the surrounding area and the people and employees who frequent the business. Customers who shop at night are also much more likely to shop at a business who has taken the time and care to set up security lights to brighten up their area rather than a dimly lit, shady looking store. As you can see the benefit of security lighting for businesses is not only for the safety of the business's property but also the people who use it.

  • Provide clear visibility of areas from a distance to see anyone moving in or around the area

  • Remove potential hiding places around routes that are traveled by pedestrians

  • Provide facial recognition at a distance of about 30 feet

  • Assist the use of other safety devices such as cameras in the area

  • Deter crime against property and people

  • Lights are always a good deterrent.

  • Nothing is worth more than the peace of mind and sense of safety.